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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Planned Unit Development (PUD)?

A:  Azalea Pointe is a Planned Unit Development (PUD) which means the development was designed as a total community rather than a collection of individual homes.  Azalea Pointe contains 30 homes from 1,700 to over 3,000 square feet with unique floor plans and front elevations, but each house includes common architectural elements and is part of an overall plan.  Lot definitions, house placement, exterior materials and colors were all designed to create a harmonious blend. The plan is intended to maximize the quality of life for its residents and protect their privacy and property values.

Q:  What is a Homeowners Association (HOA)?

A:   A Homeowners Association (HOA) is a legal entity responsible for maintaining and managing the quality of life in a Planned Unit Development such as ours.  Azalea Pointe Owners Association (APOA) is our HOA.  The Association is made up of all the Homeowners in the community.  An elected Board of Directors and several volunteer committees manage the activities and operation of the community.

Q:  Why do we need an HOA?

A:   The HOA was established as a key component of the community plan.  The Association is legally bound to perform certain duties that are intended to preserve the character and quality of the original plan. The Association manages, among other things, the maintenance and repair of a storm water management system which includes a retention pond with both surface and underground drainage from the streets and properties.  The Association also maintains common landscape elements along the entrance to the community, signage at the entrance and throughout the property, street lighting and drainage easements, and insurance coverage.  Most importantly, the Association is responsible for Architectural Standards for the community.


Q:  How does the HOA  preserve property values?


  Property value protection has two main components.  The first is to ensure that each property owner maintains their property (building and landscape) up to the standards of the community.  The second is to manage changes in exterior appearance of each property in a manner that is consistent with the original plan.  Each home in Azalea Pointe is unique and reflect the taste and style of their owner.  However, no house stands in stark contrast to its surroundings. Studies confirm that this maximizes the attractiveness, desirability and resale value of homes in communities such as ours.

Q:  What Are Covenants and Restrictions?

A:  The legal basis for architectural standards are the Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions (DC&R), a document that is part off your property deed.  By purchasing a home in Azalea Pointe you are legally agreeing to abide by the standards and procedures defined in that document and any additional rules established by the Board of Directors (BOD) following procedures laid out in that document and by the State of Florida.  The DC&R creates the obligation to maintain your property up to community standards and sets forth specific restrictions on your property's use and appearance.  For example, the DC&R for Azalea Pointe prohibits the storage of RV's, boats and trailers on your property.  It also prohibits any outbuildings, sheds or pens.  To protect the natural beauty of the site, the removal of any existing tree more than 8" in diameter requires prior approval by the Association.  These rules are designed to maintain the community's original character and to minimize intrusion on the privacy and comfort of your neighbors.


Q:  What responsibilities do I have?


A:  Maintenance of buildings, driveways and any rear or side yard fencing is the responsibility of each homeowner. Each homeowner is also responsible for all lawn care and trash collection for their property.  There are many qualified contractors in our area to perform these tasks if you choose not to do it yourself. 

Q:  What does Amelia Island Management (AIM) do?

A:   Amelia Island Management company is a professional HOA management service that provides financial reporting and accounting services to our association.  The elected representatives of the community make plans and budgets, they select contractors and decide how much money is spent on each area of their responsibility.  AIM invoices and collects annual assessments, processes accounts payable and receivable, provides monthly and annual financial reports, supports the annual budget process and ensures that all legal tax and reporting obligations are met on time.  AIM's professionals are bonded and insured to protect our financial assets and they provide a degree of consistency and stability through annual changes in Board and committee membership.

Q:   How do I get architectural changes approved?

A:    The process is simple, direct and fair. Repair, or replacement, of any exterior components with original material, design, color and construction is permitted without review.  Anything that changes the exterior appearance requires review and approval by the Architectural Review Board (ARB).  You complete an "Architectural Change Proposal" form and submit it to the ARB.  Copies of the form and contact information for the ARC are available on the Residents page.  The ARB will review your proposal in a timely manner.  They may request additional detail or explanation from you and will and respond with approval, conditional approval (minor adjustments to your plan) or denial.  If your proposal is denied by the ARB you can appeal their decision to the Board of  Directors for a final decision.  Any major construction projects must also meet all applicable building codes and are subject to Nassau County inspection and approval.

Q:  How do I get a copy of the documents?

A:   Under Florida State law, you should receive copies of all HOA legal documents  from your realtor or closing attorney.  PDF files of all documents are available on the "Realtors" page of this website.  As a guide, the Articles of Incorporation establish the Azalea Pointe Owners Association as a legal entity, the Amended and Revised Bylaws set forth the structure and rules by which the Association shall operate, and the Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions defines the responsibilities and limits on homeowner and Association actions.  In addition, Florida Statute 720 sets forth laws under which all HOA's must operate in the State of Florida.  The legal hierarchy is State law, followed by Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions and then Bylaws.  State law can (and does) change periodically.  We conscientiously attempt to operate in a lawful and responsible manner at all times.

Q:  When does the Board of Directors meet?  Can I attend?

A:  There is an annual meeting of all homeowners, usually in early-mid November.  The Board of Directors meets at irregular intervals as needs arise, usually 3-5 times per year.  You will be notified in advance of all meeting dates and times by email and posted notice on the Community sign board on the south side of Spring Blossom Lane.  Meetings are open to all homeowners and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and make statements to the board directly.

Q:   How do I get to be on the Board of Directors or a committee?


A:   We are a small community, with ample opportunity for our members to get involved in their immediate community through voluntary service on the Board and its committees.  Start by attending board meetings.  Ask questions and make suggestions.  Each year before the annual meeting (usually held in early-mid November) the Board nominating committee will call for volunteers.  Written descriptions of Board members, and Association officer positions are available on the "Residents" page of this website.  Contact the committee head or any board member to express interest or obtain more information on committee roles and process.

Q:  How much does the HOA cost me?

A:  Homeowner annual assessments for 2021 are less than $50 per month billed annually. Our dues have remained relatively stable for the past ten years and the Association enjoys a very sound financial position due to conservative fiscal management and careful cost controls.  Under our bylaws, annual assessments can not increase by more than 5% in any year without majority vote of the homeowners.

Q:  Is Azalea Pointe a "Gated" community?

A:   No. Our streets and sidewalks are maintained by Nassau County and are open to the public.  However, our generous entrance setback from A1A and the absence of through streets gives Azalea Pointe many of the benefits and most of the ambiance of a gated community.

Q:  Is Azalea Pointe in Fernandina Beach or Amelia Island?

 A:  Technically, Azalea Pointe is located on Amelia Island, within Nassau County, outside the city limits of Fernandina Beach.  The 32034 ZIP code includes both names and either may be used when describing your location.  For zoning laws, emergency services and other local government issues contact the appropriate Nassau County department.

What is planned for the Commercial properties on either side of the entrance?

A:   The parcels on either side of our Spring Blossom Lane entrance are zoned for "Professional Office"  development under the original PUD plan.  Any change to the plan would be subject to public review and hearings.  The plan includes a "natural buffer" between any commercial building and the boundaries of our residential lots.  There is also a 100'  road right of way easement from the centerline of A1A that can not be built upon.

Q:  Is the retention pond Common Property?

A:  The retention pond is a key component of the community storm water management system.  It is contained within individual owners' lots as an easement.  It serves to hold water runoff from our lawns and streets and drains into the inter-coastal waterway.  No fishing, swimming, boating or pollution of the pond is permitted.

Q:  Is there a Homeowner Directory?

A:  Yes.  The current directory is available on this website to all owners under password control.  Contact any Board member for the current password, go to the "Residents" page, and access the document.

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